Death Grips premier "I've Seen Footage" on BitTorrent

Sacramento noise/rap band Death Grips have become well known for their dark, loud, glitched-out sound that continues the trend of taking rap into stranger territory. Since their first mixtape, Exmilitary, blew up in 2011, the band (which consists of vocalist Stefan Burnett and production team Zach Hill & Andy Morin) have continued to push and shove the envelope with their aggressive, angular, un-definable brand of music. In keeping with keeping it weird, their latest release "I've Seen Footage" switches things up once again.

As our friends at Pitchfork put it, I’ve Seen Footage, "brings to mind something altogether brighter:a florescent-lit health club from the late 1980s. The out-of-breath heave of a beat brings to mind the one used on Salt 'n Pepa's aerobicized classic "Push It"; The music's real good, and the video is premiering exclusively right here on BitTorrent.